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Shield Against Viruses and Bacteria:
- 1mm high-density PET sheet.
- Wear resistant.
- Practically Unbreakable.
- Resistant to corrosive materials.

- Easy to clean and disinfect.
- Spray with 70% alcohol
- Repels water.
- It can be used in the rain and reused indefinitely since it does not lose efficiency with use like common chinstraps.

- Protection Barrier
- Does not tarnish
- Front sponge holder
- Waterproof
- High visibility
- High-density 1 mm Pet sheet
- Ergonomic, elastic material.




Disposable Chinstrap

- Three layers, heat sealed

- Pleated fabric, seamless

- Anatomic

- Isolates dust and drops

- Allows you to breathe normally

- Fine, non-irritable material

- Absorbs moisture






- Protective screens for desks and workstations

- They restrict the possibilities of interpersonal contagion.

- High protection: prevents the passage of viruses and bacteria.

- Easy to clean and disinfect with a clean dry cloth.

-Transparent material that guarantees visibility.

-Possibility of application of mark by engraving /

self adhesive vinyl.




Thermographic CAMERAS-19

Thermal imaging camera systems with temperature detection and feverish.

The temperature detection and measurement solution that we propose is based on thermometric technology, allowing rapid detection of temperature in people, making it an effective prevention tool. The solution has different models and accessories, for a greater and better adaptation to the needs of each client.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these devices offer advanced functionalities such as detecting the body temperature of various people on the move with an accuracy of up to ± 0.3 ° C.

- Temperature detection in just one second
- Detection of multiple targets at the same time
- Measurement without direct contact
- Immediate alarm notification
- Long range detection range; up to 9 m
- People detection to avoid false alarms that can generate other heat sources
Bi-Spectrum Technology: Viewing thermal and visible images by merging dual-spectrum images, creating a unique hybrid image with additional detail


Desinfección y Sanitizacion via rayos UV


Disinfection and Sanitization UV rays

The new generation of UV-C disinfection *
The solution we integrate provides an automated evidence-based UV-C system that the data indicates is effective against multi-drug resistant organisms, including C.diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE, and Acinetobacter. Our approach is different.

The system uses multiple emitters to provide UV-C energy to more exposed areas with more power and efficiency compared to single emitter systems.

With the laser mapping feature, the systems are smart and capable of identifying exposed surfaces, giving you confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered from
efficiently and effectively.


Ozone is a highly oxidizing organic molecule, made up of three oxygen atoms and is formed with the dissociation of the two atoms that make up the oxygen gas.

At room temperature and pressure it is an unstable gas, under these conditions it rapidly decomposes to return to the oxygen (O2) molecule, a situation that involves in-situ production.

The solutions we integrate are a leader in this market considering the health reality of all areas, which is why we integrate, designing and optimizing efficient solutions for Ozone generation and dissolution systems for Offices,
Educational establishments, buildings, places of high traffic of people, truck cabins, buses, trucks, etc.

temperature in people, becoming an effective her

Ozone for Disinfection and Sanitization.

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